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Enabling the seamless integration and deployment of Smart Accounts and facilitating user operations are essential features in any toolkit tailored for ERC4337. This toolkit effortlessly merges key ERC-4337 attributes, streamlining Dapp development by simplifying account and transaction processes and incorporating user-friendly functionalities.

The account package achieves this by providing a robust set of methods, empowering developers to easily create UserOperations. Enhanced by Abstraxn's sophisticated, developer-friendly, and scalable abstraction layer, it ensures the efficient and dependable transmission of these operations across various EVM chains.

The Abstraction SDK is a vital software development kit that simplifies account management and interaction with blockchain networks. It plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience and reducing complexity for both developers and end-users in DApps.

Moreover, the Abstraction SDK offers Simplified Interaction along with Developer Tools, allowing developers to concentrate more on application logic and user experience. It's designed to be highly customizable, enabling the selection of authentication methods, customization of gas fee management, and integration of additional features as required.

Despite abstracting complexities, security remains a top priority. This involves adherence to encryption standards, secure authentication methods, and smart contract audits to uphold transaction integrity.

Smart Accounts

The AbstraXn Smart Account is a software solution designed to be interoperable with any Paymaster and Bundler service compliant with the ERC-4337 standard. These accounts leverage smart contract functionality to enable the utilization of alternative signature algorithms beyond those natively supported.

AbstraXn Smart Accounts exhibit signer agnosticism, signifying their compatibility with any authorization package as long as a compatible signer can be provided during Smart Account creation within the Software Development Kit (SDK).


Furthermore, these Smart Accounts are augmented with validation modules. These modules enable the execution of user-defined logic prior to userOp validation. This feature empowers developers to construct modules that facilitate functionalities such as session key management, multi-chain validation, and passkey integration.


Instead of dealing with complex setups, AbstraXn's Paymaster service makes things easy for developers. Leveraging a single, well-defined URL, developers can effortlessly switch between two distinct payment functionalities offered by AbstraXn:

Sponsorship Paymaster​

When selecting the sponsored mode in your request to the Paymaster URL, your users will enjoy gasless transactions, eliminating the need for native tokens to cover gas costs, thereby reducing friction points. Learn how to set up your paymaster here.

Token Paymaster

By transitioning your Paymaster to ERC20 mode, you'll introduce a fresh avenue for users to cover gas fees. They gain the flexibility to utilize any ERC20 tokens supported by AbstraXn, across various blockchain networks.


The Bundler functions as a service monitoring userOps within an alternative mempool, bundling them together to sent it to EntryPoint contract for on-chain execution.

This marks the culmination of the process: after creating the userOp and possibly signing it with data from a paymaster, you send the userOp to the blockchain for execution.